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Tooth-retaining treatments

At Mirabell Dental, we warmly welcome our dear patients within the framework of general dental care. We provide the most modern and effective techniques and materials for all age groups.

What you can find with us: effective ultrasonic, sandblasting teeth cleaning, various teeth whitening methods, special glass fiber reinforced fillings, rubber dam absolute isolation to protect the fillings, adhesive dentistry for state-of-the-art stability and much more, in order to provide our patients with the most modern care possible.

Price list

  • Tooth filling 25,000-50,000

  • Fissure sealing 15,000.-

  • Aesthetic inlay/onlay insert 70,000.-

  • Professional tartar removal 25,000-30,000

  • Remineralization 15,000.-

  • Teeth whitening home patient package 60,000.-

  • Office teeth whitening 100,000.-

  • Fiberglass reinforcement 8,000.-

  • Root canal treatment 44,000.- 100,000.-

  • Metal-free crown 110,000.-


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