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Today, orthodontics has developed in many directions. In our practice, we provide the widest possible spectrum of different procedures and always inform our patients about several options, tailored to the individual. First, the assessment takes place within the framework of a personal consultation, during which we determine whether any acute, pre-orthodontic treatment is necessary, and in the case of children, what time frame should be considered for the timing of the treatment.

After the consultation, a thorough diagnosis and planning precedes the orthodontic process. This is one of the most important steps that cannot be neglected. It is the most important part, since we need to know what dental or jawbone problem is present, what factors influenced it, how it developed, and what options are available to solve it.

After the joint selection of the appropriate device, the active orthodontic treatment begins with the handover.

After achieving a beautiful set of teeth, it is always necessary to stabilize the achieved result. This is just as important as the active treatment phase, in order to ensure the happiness of the achieved beautiful smile for as long as possible.

Price list

  • Diagnosis, treatment plan 40.000- 

  • Removable braces  75.000.- 140.000.-

  • Monthly control fee  10.000.-25.000.-

  • Fixed braces/dental arch  290.000.-400.000.-

  • Invisalign ®️   400,000-1,600,000  registration fee: 100,000

  • Clear Aligner ®️   200.000.-1.600.000.-  registration fee: 45.000.-

  • Retention arch, retainer 50,000.-


Screenshot 2023-09-14 - 13.09_edited.p
1) Consultation,
clinical examination
2) digital impression scan
3) digital planning of tooth movements
4) Delivery of Invisalign aligners

What steps are required to get invisalign braces?


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