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About us

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orthodonticand Dental clinic

The practice is located in Hűvösvölgy, in a quiet green area.

With excellent parking both in front of the building and in the inner courtyard connected to the building.

From the car park through the main entrance, our patients are greeted by a sunbathing reception where they can comfortably sit while our patient coordinator provides information about the order, such as how a paperless eco-surgery works, what special treatments we provide in addition to normal dental care.

Our office is equipped with the most modern dental materials and tools.
In addition to the traditional X-ray technique (eg panorama), 3-dimensional CT imaging is also available.

We hope to see you in person at Mirabell Dental as soon as possible!

Mirabell Dental

1029 Budapest
Máriaremetei út 186.

Tel: + 36-70-282-5350

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We will contact you soon!


HUF 10,000

Based on an individual plan

From HUF 30,000

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