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Oral surgery, Implantation

We would like to provide our patients with comprehensive information about the possible types of dentures.

Many people are familiar with implants, but not everyone knows the benefits of replacing a lost tooth.

Beneficial effects of replacing a lost tooth/teeth:

-provides confidence and a sense of well-being

-prevents adjacent teeth from tilting, which disrupts the bite

-prevents the formation of uncleanable periodontal pockets that often appear next to falling teeth

-restores chewing function

-protects the jaw joint

Our specialists work with the Strauman dental implant system in the office, which is a guarantee of success in the hands of a good specialist.

For more information, feel free to contact us for a personal consultation!

Price list

  • Wisdom tooth removal 30,000-50,000

  • Tooth extraction 20,000.-

  • Tooth extraction with surgery 40,000.-

  • Straumann SLA implant 190,000.-

  • 110,000.00 for a metal-free crown implant


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