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We help you learn about dental procedures and how to protect your teeth for life.

Mirabell Dental Budapest

We await you at Mirabell Dental with full dental care.

Invisible braces

Removable, fixed braces

CT, various x-rays, complete diagnostics

Oral hygiene treatment

Aesthetic, reinforced filling

Denture anchored on an implant

Tooth whitening

Registration: +36 70 282 5350


Mirabell Dental is the place where you will find the perfect smile!
An invisible solution for a magical smile. Painless treatment with Invisalign braces.
Comfortable to wear, does not affect oral hygiene and eating. Thanks to 3D design, you can see the end result at the beginning.
You dream it, we make it happen!


Let your smile be your jewel!
The key to a confident appearance lies in well-kept, perfect teeth. Straumann implants create a natural smile for our patients, and their satisfaction is the most important thing for us. Straumann has been at the forefront of dental implant innovation for decades.

Carefree wound healing and long-term success are our mission.
Fill out our form and our colleague will contact you soon. 
Mirabell Dental, 1029 Budapest Máriaremetei út 186.

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